Mariza & Jes

Aloha friends!

Thank you for visiting my blog, it’s been a while since my last post but I’m pleased to report that this is because I’ve been busy shooting and editing images from some awesome Maui weddings.

It was such a great experience to meet Mariza and Jes for an elopement shoot in the jungle that surrounds Honolua Bay—a location as unique and special as they are.

As a photographer, the Bay is such a cool place to take pictures, for so many reasons—the winter surf, the summer sunsets, the 360 degree beauty, 365 days a year. With huge trees, trailing vines, impressive canopies and so many shades of green, it’s very tropical in places and there are a couple of perfect quiet spots that I love to use as photoshoot locations.

When I went there with Mariza and Jes, it was a cloudy day and heavy rain was in the forecast, but somehow it patiently waited for us to finish our session. When I said, “It’s a wrap,” sure enough, it poured.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to work with people who love each other, thank you Mariza and Jes for choosing me as your Maui photographer!


Maui Location: Honolua Bay