Christina & Ryan


Thank you for checking out the blog, I hope everyone is having a great week!

I’m still down in South America, hanging out with old friends, eating all the food I miss and catching up with my family as they get to meet my little daughter, Isabella, for the first time.

It has been so much fun to be back in my hometown, visiting all the places that bring back childhood memories for me—getting to show that to my partner and Isabella is priceless.

Before the three of us left the U.S. Mainland to fly down to Brazil, I had the opportunity to shoot one more photography session in Seattle. It was a couple's photo shoot and it was rad—Seattle is so beautiful at this time of year, it was my first time visiting the city in the winter and it honestly blew my mind.

Normally, I take pictures of weddings in Maui’s tropical weather, on warm beaches, with palm trees and the ocean as my backdrop but this was totally different. I got to work in the freezing cold, looking out at mountain ranges, tidal beaches and forests in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It was the perfect landscape for these lovebirds, Christina and Ryan. 

As I wasn’t familiar with the area, Ryan suggested Discovery Park and I'm so glad he did as the location couldn't have been better! We got to hang out, watch the sunset and take some gorgeous photographs along the way.

Thank you to Christina and Ryan, it was a pleasure working with you. Here are a few of my favorites from your shoot, enjoy!

Location : Discovery Park - Seattle, WA