Joana & Judah

When I look back at these photographs of Joana and Judah, I am so stoked. I hope that they get the same feeling when they look at the images that I shot on that gorgeous evening in Maui.

They were such nice people, they looked stunning, the conditions were exceptional, it was an incredible sunset AND we were shooting at one of my favorite beaches in West Maui. It was pretty much the perfect photoshoot.

There are so many good pictures of these guys, who are so clearly in love with each other and it’s difficult to pick out a clear favorite. However, the two images where they embrace in the waves, well… they are pretty epic, I think you’ll agree.

Thanks so much for being such a fun couple to shoot, Joana and Judah—not everyone is willing to get wet to get the perfect photograph!!


Maui Location: Oneloa (Ironwoods) Beach